Powerful Reporting Capabilities

ClinIntell’s reports promote transparency by providing summaries of severity reporting performance and actionable insights.


The ClinIntell Reports

Here’s why our reports stand out.

summarize performance

Summarize Performance

Share the latest results and unblinded provider performance each month.

track progress

Track Progress

Track performance trends relative to goals set.

highlight opportunities

Highlight Opportunities

Identify performance gaps that are actionable.

All of these allow for improved decision making and focus at your organization!
easy access


Can be generated directly from the application.



Easy to share via email. Can be automated to a specific group of users at a recommended frequency.

monthly update


Updated within days of receiving your data.

multiple report types

Multiple Report Types

Can choose to generate reports of multiple types that reflect monthly or quarterly data.

Taking a closer look

The Individual Provider Report

Sharing credible performance and actionable data with providers is crucial to achieving your severity reporting goals.

Individual vs. group performance

A provider’s severity reporting performance is compared to the group’s performance over time.


The provider’s performance on the conditions is ordered from the highest to lowest reporting gaps—in their unique patient population.


Each report highlights one or two conditions that a provider is under-reporting compared to their peers. These high-performing peers are displayed to appeal to the competitive nature of providers. For educational purposes, the approved clinical definitions for these conditions are also provided.

How We Assess Performance

We assess patient populations based on a set of claims and do not benchmark. Thus, each provider assessment is based on the specific set of claims attributed to them using our advanced attribution policy.

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