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Advanced Attribution Policy

Our unique severity reporting insights are augmented by the most advanced patient-to-provider attribution methodology in the industry.


Our First Level of Attribution

Determines which Physician Group or service line a claim is attributed to.

We will ensure that reported specialty groupings mirror your organization’s preferences and are not limited by the patient encounter DRG.

Our second Level of Attribution

Determines which provider(s) each patient claim is attributed to.

Allows patient claims to potentially be attributed to multiple providers. Any provider who makes a “significant” contribution to a patient’s clinical documentation will be awarded attribution, regardless of the Physician Group or service line to which they belong.

Custom Group Reporting

Do you have multiple Physician Groups of the same specialty with different clinical leaders—e.g., contracted and employed Hospitalist groups? No problem! We give you the flexibility to create custom Physician Groups.

  • Residents and APPs
ClinIntell’s advanced provider-level attribution methodology enables attribution to residents and APPs as long as they meet the note contribution thresholds. This is particularly valuable in Academic Medical Centers and for longer hospitalizations.
  • Provider Reporting Options
Depending on your organization’s preference for accountability and data sharing, you can choose between viewing reporting data exclusively for attending MDs or including performance data on Residents and APPs based on their clinical note contribution.

Why Getting It Right Matters

Providers care

Providers care

Attribution is often one of the first questions providers have when individual performance data is shared, and if the methodology used does not resonate, credibility can be lost.

Proven method

attribution is multifaceted

ClinIntell has developed a methodology that stands up to the rigorous evaluations of actual patient encounters which describe the providers that authored what type of note on which day.

Building trust

credibility is key

Appropriate attribution is essential to building trust and credibility with the providers for whom we are reporting.