Effortlessly Set SMART* Goals

Our SMART Goals feature utilizes sophisticated analyses within the application to propose a customizable 80/20 strategy for improving patient population severity reporting.

*SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based

How We Differentiate

Traditional benchmarking can result in unrealistic dollar opportunities. ClinIntell’s analytics distinguish between the total available opportunity and realistically achievable opportunity by considering:

  • The opportunities identified in the specific inpatient population not identified via benchmarking
  • The specialty of the group selected—e.g., Hospitalists vs. General Surgeons
  • The historical severity reporting performance
  • The share of providers with significant sample sizes of attributed cases
  • The potential impact of the highest-opportunity clinically relevant diagnoses

Sophisticated Insights, Simple Process

We make it easy to set SMART Goals and deploy strategies within your organization, whether they’re out of the box or customized based on your organizational preferences.


select a focus group

Choose between building a physician group strategy at the health system or hospital level, and we’ll quantify the realistic (target) opportunity for you.


default or customized?

Based on the group/service line selected, our SMART Goals feature will propose an achievable CMI Documentation Score goal and Target Conditions List that address a significant share of your total available severity related CMI opportunity. However, you can also customize the goal and/or the conditions list based on your organizational preferences.


Track performance

Results are updated monthly and autogenerated impact reports can be accessed anytime. For strategies with a CMI Documentation Score goal, you can view estimated year-to-date financial impact based on progress toward the goal.