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Move from Data to Action

Take data-driven action using ClinIntell’s provider Training Application, or optimize your pre-existing internal training curriculum.

what you need
Preparing for action

What You Need

You need to know where the opportunities lie, and on what to improve.
With ClinIntell, you know.

Physician group(s) and providers
A target list of clinical conditions
taking action with

The ClinIntell Training Application

ClinIntell has the industry’s only provider education platform driven by advanced analytics applied to a specific inpatient population.

Customizable Deployment

Have complete control over whom and on what to deploy training.

From Application to Provider

Training on the selected short list of clinical conditions is deployed seamlessly from the application to each provider. Providers can access it via our web application or mobile app.

Provider Insights

In addition to training, providers have access to their ongoing performance on CMI Documentation Score and Target List of Conditions based on their specific patient population.

Our Education Process

introducing content

review content

Succinct, interactive clinical vignettes that highlight appropriate documentation when patients meet the clinical criteria and stress the clinical importance of documenting these conditions accurately

applying knowledge

apply knowledge

Case studies that help providers internalize knowledge gained on each condition

demonstrating mastery

demonstrate proficiency

Short severity documentation tests that assess providers' proficiency and knowledge

training progress

Monitoring Progress

Training progress can be tracked by stakeholders, and electronic reminders can be sent to select providers to encourage training completion.

This is especially helpful for providers who have poor severity reporting data with no indication of an improvement in performance.
taking action with

Internal Education Resources

If you already have a robust internal education program, you can utilize ClinIntell insights to focus education on targeted clinical conditions for the physician groups with the highest opportunity.

measuring impact

Through ClinIntell analytics, you can quantitatively measure the real impact of your provider education initiatives.

Standardizing definitions!

Make sure you use approved clinical definitions when educating providers. Accurate documentation of specific conditions is crucial for better reporting.

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