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We already get similar insights from Vizient, Premier, MedeAnalytics, etc. How is ClinIntell different?

As the innovators of patient population severity reporting, ClinIntell’s analytical insights are unique in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Performance and Actionable Data – are not based on comparisons against a benchmarking cohort. Instead, they are an assessment of your unique and ever-changing patient population (determined by your claims) at your specific hospital (identified in our algorithms by your CMS ID).
  • Timeliness of Reporting – performance data is published between 24-48 hours after ClinIntell receives the month’s final claims data a couple weeks after the last day of the month. The timeliness of our reporting is possible because we don’t benchmark against data we need to obtain from the cohort.
  • Credible Provider-Level Data – only possible with our notes-based attribution methodology that also offers performance data for residents, NPs, PA, etc.
  • Realistic Strategies and Goals – ClinIntell’s SMART Goals are often a fraction of the total opportunity and consider what is realistically achievable. The accompanying strategies are generated within minutes in the application.
How does ClinIntell impact the workflow of the Clinical Documentation Specialists?

As a patient population severity reporting data analytics SaaS company, ClinIntell does not impact the workflow of Clinical Documentation Specialists.

We have our own educators; can we still use ClinIntell?

Yes. ClinIntell’s analytics will provide your educators a data-driven strategy which includes the target list of clinically relevant (to the selected specialty) conditions that will have the highest impact on achieving the group’s performance goals.

If ClinIntell does not benchmark, how can you identify gaps in reporting and opportunities to improve?

ClinIntell’s algorithms are based on a predictive model that provides insight into full severity reporting of your unique patient population via the analysis of inpatient claims data on a monthly basis. ClinIntell’s algorithms have been refined, calibrated, and validated for over a decade.

How does ClinIntell address or mitigate denials?

ClinIntell does not track or provide analytical insights related to denials.

Does ClinIntell provide professional services?

ClinIntell is a SaaS company with a high-touch client support model. We will help you throughout the various stages of your initiative’s lifecycle such as strategy formulation, implementation, and maintenance.

Does ClinIntell provide insights on the Medicare population?

ClinIntell analyzes all-payer data on a monthly basis and does not break out the Medicare population separately. Analyzing all claims maximizes the sample size and thus the accuracy which is especially important with provider-level performance data.

We would like reporting on only one service line at our organization. Is that possible?

ClinIntell does not report on just one service line, but rather assesses severity reporting of all specialties/service lines across the organization.

Does ClinIntell identify and differentiate between gaps due to poor coding and/or poor clinical documentation?

Since ClinIntell analyzes the final claims submitted, our insights do not differentiate between poor coding and poor documentation. That said, when reviewing the performance data, gaps in reporting that are the result of poor coding are more likely to be systemic across the entire organization or across all providers within a group. Conversely, significant underperformance relative to peers within the same service line suggests a difference in the quality of that provider’s clinical documentation.

Can ClinIntell work with any acute care organization?

Yes, except for:

  • Pediatric hospitals, as the national data that are used to develop ClinIntell’s algorithms are limited at Children’s Hospitals
  • Smaller hospitals (e.g., critical access hospitals) where the number of discharges are low
How does ClinIntell price its solution?

ClinIntell’s solution is priced by taking the following factors into consideration:

  • Number of facilities that meet our criteria for reporting
  • Number of Academic Medical Centers
  • Number of annual all-payer discharges
  • Use of ClinIntell’s provider training application (per provider pricing)
  • One year versus multiyear contract

Note: ClinIntell does not charge per user, nor does ClinIntell charge any professional fees. ClinIntell is priced as an annual subscription fee.

How long does it take to get up and running with ClinIntell?

Once the data is received and vetted, we can publish results within 24 hours. Ensuring that the provider groupings and provider placement reflect that of the organization may take a week or two and relies on insight from our client hospital.

What resources are required by our hospital to support the ClinIntell software?

While ClinIntell’s analytics are accurate at any acute-care hospital, long-term and substantial improvement inevitably involves providers. No additional hires to review more charts are necessary, but having a medical leader and, when applicable, an educator in place will be crucial to successfully deploying your strategy.

Does ClinIntell integrate into our EMR?

No. ClinIntell is a cloud-based solution, so there is no need to integrate into the EMR or access hospital IT networks for any reason.