Our Solution

1. Identify
We identify a short list of the most prevalent, high-impact, under-documented clinical conditions by applying advanced analytics to your hospital’s unique inpatient population.

2. Training
We train your physicians with online video training that teaches them when and how to document each condition.

3. Monitor
We monitor hospital, specialty group, and physician documentation performance using advanced analytics to provide you with one quality based metric: Documentation Score.

How We Differ

While benchmarking assumes that your patient mix is static, ClinIntell’s approach factors in the variability of your unique patient mix, while also controlling for setting.

Our approach gives you one true documentation quality and outcomes metric that is used by administrators AND physicians – Documentation Score, so you can instantly gauge performance and take action to improve and sustain results.

Our sophisticated attribution policy involving the notes in your EMR ensures that each chart goes to the most appropriate physician every time, and incorporates the role that advanced practitioners and/or residents play in clinical documentation.

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