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With our app, providers can now easily access their personal performance scores, severity documentation opportunities and tailored training.

Redefining Severity Reporting

Unlocking your true severity reporting opportunity through population-based analytics.

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The ClinIntell Model

To understand our model, let’s review the traditional approach.

Traditional Severity Reporting

CDI, Quality, and Coding are engaged in initiatives that passively involve providers to optimize severity reporting for individual patient encounters—e.g., queries, education.

the bigger picture

Instead of focusing on individual claims, ClinIntell looks at the entire population of claims. This ensures that ClinIntell’s insights are grounded in statistically sound principles.

Providing insights

Our analytics produce insights and opportunities that are specific to your inpatient population, taking the form of both performance and actionable data down to the level of individual providers.

a new, collaborative model

Providers are empowered by data to play a more active role in improving severity reporting of their patient populations and are not solely reliant on impact achieved via the documentation query process.

the clinintell cycle

Population-based severity metrics are used to set organizational goals around quality and revenue based on realistically achievable opportunities. The impact of a now-collaborative severity reporting team can be assessed monthly towards achievable goals.

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How It Works

Send Us Your Data

Valuable insights published just 24 hours after receiving your data.

We never need to access your network. Monthly data transmission to our secure server is automated, so there is no need for ongoing IT resources to be assigned.
Your Claims and Notes Extracts
ClinIntell's Secure Server

Configure Your Provider-to-Patient Attribution

Out of the box our analytics identify all providers found in your data and categorize them into specialty groups.

We’ll work with you to ensure that the reporting structure in the application aligns with the realities of your organization.

Develop an 80/20 Strategy

Set SMART Goals

To achieve long-term sustainable results, a focused 80/20 approach is critical for affecting behavioral change in providers. Since available opportunities are not necessarily equal to realistic opportunities, our SMART Goals feature will provide you with achievable and measurable goals within your organization.

Balance Quality and Revenue Priorities

We prioritize the list of condition opportunities based upon the quality initiatives that are most important to you.

It’s not always either-or; our application can highlight conditions that address both CC/MCC and certain quality-related conditions gaps (Elixhauser Readmission and Mortality, and HCCs).

Take Action

Once you know which specialty group(s) and provider(s) to focus on, along with the corresponding target list of conditions:
  • You can deploy provider training on the target list of conditions using the ClinIntell app.
  • Or, if you use internal education resources, the analytics allow for a focused, data-driven education curriculum to be implemented.

Note: Educating providers on accurate documentation of specific conditions based on an approved clinical definition allows for more appropriate severity reporting whenever patients meet the applicable clinical criteria, and not just when a query is generated.

Track Performance

Sharing performance and actionable data with providers is crucial for both facilitating change in documentation practices and ensuring you are on track to meet goals.

Facility, physician group, and individual provider reports are readily available and easily distributed to providers and key stakeholders.
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ClinIntell’s reports are based on an analysis of the specific patients attributed to a specialty or provider, making them highly customized and superior to benchmarking.

Dr. Terrance Govender

Dr. Terrance Govender, VPMA

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